from Lange Studio and Meadow Lark Farm Dinners

Prints by George Lange


We arrive at the farm each morning with Bella, our school-bus-turned-kitchen, a truck loaded with tables and chairs, and a giant, rusted wood-burning grill. The tables are set in a long row beside the crops, a fire is lit. Antique china, pressed linens, stockpots and serving platters spill out of Bella; trays of squash blossoms, bundles of thyme, flats of tomatoes are loaded. We wash and trim, peel and slice, batter and fry, sizzle and roast; we polish the wine glasses and count the plates: 44 for each course. And then we set aside a plate for George: the 45th plate.
We never know if George might show up, or when. Sometimes he comes early in the day, when the chard stems are still intact, and snap peas are being sliced. Other days all that is left of the raw ingredients is what is left behind—the compost. Sometimes we hear a rustling in the thicket or the clicking of his shutter long before we see George. But when George is there, he's there.
George photographs with all his senses. The sizzle of squash blossoms dropped into hot oil draws him to the stove; the smell of wood smoke has him rounding the bus, to the grill. George likes to immerse himself in his subject—to get into the pot of peas, and enveloped by smoke. His lens steams up; an incense of smoldering oak settles on his camera. His appetite brings him to his chair, and to his special plate.
We are delighted to present twelve LightJet prints of a summer with Meadow Lark Farm Dinners. Each of these images captures a unique moment and mood from an otherwise ephemeral occasion; each is printed on archival paper in Boulder, Colorado, and signed by George Lange.